Koopman Architecture’s philosophy and design process is informed by the following principles: Dignity, Delight and Vitality.
These governing principles guide Koopman Architecture: how we work as a team, with our clients, the consultants and building contractors.


Our architects recognize their innate responsibility as stewards of the public’s health and safety. Dignity by design not only creates an ennobling experience for the inhabitants of our buildings but also safe and accessible environments — inside and outside. A well-designed building recognizes all types of users, enhances accessibility and reduces barriers to participation. Our working process includes dignity whereby we respect our clients’ wishes, budgets and schedules. We foster good relationships with our clients and collaborators. We achieve this through effective communication and cooperative teamwork.


Beauty and cultural expression continue to be the architectural goals of Koopman Architecture. Delight, in the context of architecture, is a primary principle. A good building should give us a sense of pride in our community. A well-designed room must actually improve our experiences in that space. Even a building that is practical and modest has opportunities for delight. Our architects strive to do more with less, to intrigue and introduce surprise into our lived environments.


The primary way that our architects produce a sense of vitality for the occupants of our spaces is by designing healthy buildings. A healthy building is one that is durable, resilient and efficiently designed.  These spaces are designed for low-energy use in their construction and designed for energy efficiency over their life cycle. Good environmental design creates well-being for occupants by making provisions for sufficient daylight, clean air and smart space arrangement. Koopman Architecture is committed to achieve these outcomes by utilizing current building technology and technical rigour.