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Koopman Architecture is a contemporary, design-based architectural firm, which is located above the Vinyl Exchange record store in Saskatoon’s vibrant downtown core. Established in 2011, the innovative architectural firm is a specialist in commercial office space design. The firm’s portfolio also includes residential, institutional and public art projects.

Koopman Architecture provides their clients with full-service architectural design: from the initial stages of schematic design to construction documentation and contract administration. The passionate and diligent team — Paul, Stephanie and Ashley — understand that well-designed architecture improves our lives with efficient, beautiful and well-built spaces and buildings. This client-centred, capable trio is dedicated to realize your vision.



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Paul Koopman Principal Architect

Training: Master of Architecture (M.Arch), University of Waterloo (2003).
Work before Koopman Architecture:
Karakusevic Carson Architects in London, England (2003–2005); with Saskatoon architect Keith Henry at Friggstad Downing Henry Architects (2006–2011).
Why Paul works here: The creative challenge. Architecture is such a complex system that involves many people and intricate moving parts. So it’s really satisfying for me when projects get built successfully. Since we work with lots of great people, I get to know them better through the course of a project.
Inspiration: I’m inspired by what I experience in my home province of Saskatchewan — the landscape and the people. Much of my work is inspired by my travels abroad, particularly in
Europe and New York City.
Favourite project so far: All of them!
Favourite building: The Pantheon in Rome by Apollodorus of Damascus (completed in 126 A.D.)
Interests outside of work: Playing ukulele and harmonicas in The Musical Powers (a Saskatoon folk band), painting, soccer, gymnastics and doing stuff on our land near Saskatoon (with my
wife, visual artist Tamara Rusnak).

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Stephanie Campbell Architect

Training: Master of Architecture (M.Arch), University of Waterloo (2013).
Worked at Koopman Architecture:
Since 2014.
Why Stephanie works here: I like the variety in my work and forming relationships with the client, the design team and the contractors. I enjoy working through design options as though it were a puzzle; this brings the program elements together — with all the various ambitions and requirements for the project — in the most logical and interesting way.
Inspiration: When I design spaces, I imagine the people who will use and experience them. I want to create buildings that feel welcoming, comfortable, beautiful and practical.
Favourite project so far: Redekop Canopies.
I like the sculptural appearance. It was fun to work out the exposed steel connections and the form of the folded metal.
Favourite building: Cranbrook Schools Williams Natatorium (1999) by Tod Williams and Billie Tsien in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. I loved to discover the building as I walked through it, such
as the restraint in the architecture and the pool’s quality of light.
Interests outside of work: Singing with the Saskatoon Chamber Singers, practising yoga, running, hosting BBQs and spending time with my two-year old, Chester.

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Ashley Graf Architectural Technologist

Training: Architectural Technologies Diploma, Saskatchewan Polytechnic (2016).
Diversified skills: Also working with Yorkville University for a Bachelor of Interior Design (online).
Worked at Koopman Architecture:
Since February 2018.
Why Ashley works here: I like the collaborative atmosphere, the problem solving, creativity and innovation of the Koopman Architecture team.
Inspiration: I seek to create architecture that has a positive impact on both the user and the environment; seeing a project through from start to finish; and providing the best quality possible.
Favourite project so far: Prairieland Park Canopy (currently under construction).
Favourite building: Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum (1959) by Frank Lloyd Wright in New York City.
Interests outside of work: Wellness
(yoga, nutrition); the outdoors (camping,
boating, sports); travelling.


Koopman Architecture’s philosophy and design process is informed by the following principles: Dignity, Delight and Vitality.
These governing principles guide Koopman Architecture: how we work as a team, with our clients, the consultants and building contractors.


Our architects recognize their innate responsibility as stewards of the public’s health and safety. Dignity by design not only creates an ennobling experience for the inhabitants of our buildings but also safe and accessible environments — inside and outside. A well-designed building recognizes all types of users, enhances accessibility and reduces barriers to participation. Our working process includes dignity whereby we respect our clients’ wishes, budgets and schedules. We foster good relationships with our clients and collaborators. We achieve this through effective communication and cooperative teamwork.


Beauty and cultural expression continue to be the architectural goals of Koopman Architecture. Delight, in the context of architecture, is a primary principle. A good building should give us a sense of pride in our community. A well-designed room must actually improve our experiences in that space. Even a building that is practical and modest has opportunities for delight. Our architects strive to do more with less, to intrigue and introduce surprise into our lived environments.


The primary way that our architects produce a sense of vitality for the occupants of our spaces is by designing healthy buildings. A healthy building is one that is durable, resilient and efficiently designed.  These spaces are designed for low-energy use in their construction and designed for energy efficiency over their life cycle. Good environmental design creates well-being for occupants by making provisions for sufficient daylight, clean air and smart space arrangement. Koopman Architecture is committed to achieve these outcomes by utilizing current building technology and technical rigour.


For a list of services provided throughout the project, see the   Sequence of Basic Services   document provided by the   Saskatchewan Association of Architects  .

For a list of services provided throughout the project, see the Sequence of Basic Services document provided by the Saskatchewan Association of Architects.




Request this document if you want to construct an office space.


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Koopman Architecture is a design-focused and collaborative work place. We offer competitive pay and feature an eclectic record collection.

We do not currently have any positions open.

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